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About Firearm 101

Firearm 101My name is Bill Ciari and I am sole instructor for Firearm 101. Since 2001 I have been involved with security for private and government sectors. In 2007 I shifted my focus to working with government security, former law enforcement and military personnel in regards to firearm training. My experiences have only reinforced my belief that professionals are only people who have mastered the basics.

In 2010 I started working with individuals and small groups for private firearm orientation and instruction. Emphasizing on the basic principles of handgun safety, operation and marksmanship I create a low stress environment conducive for learning.

I bring a common sense approach to my instructional courses. The concept is geared around your development. Just as firearms are not one size fits all neither are my classes. Each is tailored to the specific individual or group and that skill level. If you are looking to develop or redevelop the most overlooked skills that build confident and competent firearm owners and operators then welcome to Firearm 101.

  • CCW Instructor
  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • California DOJ Certified Instructor
  • BSIS Firearms Training Instructor
  • BSIS Baton Training Instructor
  • OC Training Program Instructor